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Why having a CPM® (Certified Property Manager) is Important!

Davis Real Estate, Inc. has the only CPM® in the area.  Why is that important to you?

The CPM® designation is only held by those who have been educated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) AND have the experience to preserve and enhance the value of your real estate assets. Factors affecting real estate investments are complicated and require a highly trained, experienced, and professional property manager to do it correctly. A CPM® is an asset to you, in your efforts to maximize your real estate investment.

People who manage real estate must understand and be able to deal with diverse factors which impact investments: the economy; legislation, both local and national; tax regulations; operating costs; local market conditions; monetary policies; local ordinances; public policies; population changes; and consumer trends to name just a few.  CPM® members receive training in and have experience with these elements of the complex arena of property management.

CPM® members must abide by the Code of Professional Ethics of the Institute of Real Estate Management. Any violation of this Code subjects the CPM® member to possible suspension or revocation of the designation. That means that for each of our clients, we will provide the best possible experience in property management with the highest ethical code. We believe in working with you in an honest and transparent way.

CPM® members provide you with the expert services of a well-rounded management professional. The rigorous training and experience assure you of top-notch performance.  If your portfolio includes real estate, your most valuable asset is a CPM® member.